We are multi-portfolio sales representative team with experience of more than 20 years, advising and marketing different products related to the cycling and motorcycles world: spare parts, accessories, textiles, electronics and nutrition.

 - We have a portfolio of more than 4.000 clients -

We are targeting a specialized and highly selective sector of professionals: bike and sport equipment stores, wholesale warehouses and distributors where our experience is extensive and very professional.

¿How do we manage our customers?

At Comercial Bike we offer a close and professional service, we promote deep-rooted values such as trust, responsibility and sustainability. We represent prestigious and quality brands. We are specialists in representing sports brands.

Margin and payment method

Your company invoices the client, sets the sale price of the product and determines the payment method, which includes the margin and our commission. You have our experience at your disposal to optimize the sale and avoid possible defaults.

Communication and customer supervision

Your company can access the client at any time. We provide you with the information you need to establish direct communication with the client. We will be proactive with your needs. 

Commercial management exclusivity

In the terms and conditions the commercial exclusivity will be agreed, being able to negotiate products or product lines, sales channels, geographical areas, etc. clearly establishing a market segment that facilitates the sale but can generate adequate levels of competition to the market.

We offer companies in the cycling or motorcycle sector an efficient and agile way to cover their commercial needs

We are a sales network where each salesperson manages a specific territory and has already a portfolio of products and services. We work on commission according to what we agree with each brand. We do not buy material. We also do not transport or charge it.

Country  areas covered

To develop efficient management, each of the commercials is assign a geographical area.

The management of the brands is independent in each of the areas, that is, the managers do not market the same brands. This allows brands to select specific areas to boost their sales or to cover commercial areas that they do not currently manage. A benefit that allows them to adapt to the needs they may have.

Emilio García

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